Thursday, December 25, 2014


The Business Dictionary is a helpful resource for defining Entrepreneurship

The idea that there was a business dictionary on the Internet is brand new to me. It never occurred to me to look for it. This speaks volumes about my education. I basically grew up in the public education system and I remember everything I learned was aimed at labor, career, vocation, or science. I don't recall any curriculum about starting a business. 

I had a hard time with math in elementary school because it bored me to no end. It wasn't until I got my first Apple computer my sophomore year in high school that I taught myself Algebra while teaching myself a computer programming language.

A year later my high school offered computer courses, but they rejected me from the class because of my poor math grades. However, that didn't stop the teachers from coming to me for help with their computers. On my own time I attended a computer course at a nearby college and earned a certificate.

This is one example of the kind of roadblocks one can find in the public education system. Math was memorizing multiplication tables and history was remembering names and dates of events. Passing tests was the sole motivation the teachers had when I attended elementary school in the 1970's and it still is today.

Not only is teaching to the test a serious problem in education, but the prevailing expectations in public schools seem to be lower than Entrepreneurship.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Congressional Missteps

When Congress added legislation to the Cromnibus Spending Bill that was written by Citigroup, they misses some considerations:

Identifying a bad business model

Money is the life-blood of the economy. It must continue to circulate for the economy to survive. If you suffer from internal injuries, your own blood will flow out of the wounds and pool outside your vital organs, ultimately killing you. So goes the economy when money is hoarded by suppressing wages from raising with the rate of inflation. The gap between where wages are currently and where they should be is the wound.
The ten percent loss in sales on Black Friday should be proof enough.