The Donor Class

Global Research
Don't be shaded by the label "Crackpot Conspiracy Theorist."
Just some of the most prominant political donors.
When you vote, are you satisfied with your choice of candidates? The reason voter turnout is so low in the United States might be explained by how little the voters relate to the candidates.

The big secret is that there are more candidates running than are featured in the main-stream media. Why? It takes money to buy advertising, lots and lots of money. The only candidates the public know about are those who have the most money. Who gives them the money? Most people can't afford to donate the kind of money needed for proper exposure to the public.

The idea that a candidate is not worthy of office who cannot raise the requisite donations is a myth perpetrated by those who also say "one dollar is one vote." This claim was instrumental in the Citizens United Supreme Court decision which made it easier for the rich to flood their preferred political candidates with campaign donations. In conclusion: The rich choose the list of candidates from which you vote, so we call them the Donor Class. They choose those for whom you vote.

Democracy in a capitalist economy is an illusion of choice. Who are making our political choices for us?