Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Smoke and Mirrors of Establishment Politics

The One Percent has manipulated us into thinking that there are left-wing and right-wing political structures, when the truth is perpendicular. We are told that the division between Republicans and Democrats is either Pro-Big Business or Pro-Big Government respectively.

False. Until the arrival of grass-roots political campaign support driven by the Internet grew to fruition with the Bernie Sanders campaign, the gatekeepers of American politics was, and still is mostly, the extremely expensive pricing of campaign advertising. Rich candidates still get the most votes because they can afford to advertise more.

It's about as legitimate as a charity raffle. Even if it's a worthy cause, you know the person who buys the most raffle tickets has the best chance of winning first prize. Because of this thinking, voter turnout has dwindled from hopelessness. This is what the Establishment was expecting for 2016 because they are ignoring Bernie Sanders at their own peril.

They are now so nervous about the 2016 primary exit poll results across the country that they they are refraining from doing future exit polls (See #ExitPollGate).

I was frustrated about which candidate to support until it dawned on me to use to see which candidate was getting the most individual donations. You can look up your state and district to see who is officially running, how much money they have and from whom they received it.

Now I have evidence that tells me who are Establishment candidates and who are real grass-roots candidates that plan to serve the interests more people than just the rich donor class.