Sunday, August 23, 2015

Eric Holder Not At It Again

When I first shared the video back in 2014 I didn't give much thought beyond the New York Times indictment of the Think Tanks that influence U.S. public policy on behalf of their foreign donors.

However, deep in the transcript at,  (around paragraph 24) Brooke Williams mentioned to Amy Goodman that attorneys she spoke with explicitly stated that the activities of the mentioned Think Tanks violated the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

Who was acting Attorney General at the time? Eric Holder. Was any action taken? Actually Yes. The Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Anti-Trust division Sharis A. Pozen went to the Brookings Institution and spoke about Anti-Trust issues.

Wait a minute. Where you expecting something like a criminal prosecution or a Cease And Desist order? LOL Dude can't even prosecute Wall Street Bankers. White Collar crime is boring. The public yawns while they are getting robbed blind. Are you the "public?"

Do you think the United States government exists for its own citizens anymore?