Friday, April 17, 2015

Death Tax Dilemma

Why it's scary when Liberals complain that Republicans want to eliminate the inheritance tax.

Should the inheritance tax be eliminated. Yes. Why?

Simple answer: That money is what remains of the earnings that were already taxed.

What happens to property that is inherited?

It's understood that a tax on property that is inherited may require that the property be sold in order to pay the tax. This facilitated the destruction of small family farms, which were then bought for pennies on the dollar by owners of huge factory farms that are now ruining our environment.

Where would the money go if there was no "death tax?"

It is often divested to an increasing number of heirs, like exponentially dividing a pie with each following generation. The income from the assets are taxed. The remainder of which is eventually spent in the local economy.

Farms for example are subdivided over the generations to the point where so little income is distributed between the heirs that it may become cost prohibitive against the direct cash value of the land. This scenario only works if each child grows up, marries and has two children. It may be slower if there is one heir who grows up, marries and has two children, etc.

Why it's scary when Liberals complain about corporations not paying taxes:

Why do some corporations earn so much money but often don't pay taxes?

Simple answer: Partly because individuals at the corporation file individual tax returns and pay taxes on individual income. Does anyone know the tax revenue generated by the sum of all the individual tax returns filed by the employees of a corporation? I don't think anyone from the left talks about this number.

Beyond that I have no information about how the tax loopholes operate to benefit the corporation as a whole entity, but the rhetoric about corporations coming from the left is a disturbing, extreme over-generalization.