Friday, November 20, 2015

The War Over Alternative Energy

A large, centralized array of mirrors designed to reflect and magnify solar energy onto a central steam boiler. This is an expensive system that can only be financed and controlled by a conglomerate which can determine a rate to charge the public.

Direct conversion of solar energy to Direct Current. Can be widely distributed in modular units, allowing private property owners the ability to generate their own power which will eventually pay for itself.

Mother Nature Network
Alternative smaller wind turbine designs that makes wind power more affordable to private property owners.

Clean Technica
A Gigantic industrial wind turbine that only a few private individual can afford. They say bigger is better, but this puts wind energy in the hands of only the rich and powerful, holding the public hostage to what ever rate the utility company wants to charge.

Mother Earth News
Can you grow your own corn? Make your own fuel.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
A short list of very large Ethenol energy production facilities controlled by a few corporations.
Class Warfare is reaching into free energy from nature.

It's not just the Carbon based energy companies such as Koch Industries fighting alternative energy, It's huge corporations attempting to corner the market and put up barriers against individual families and private property owners from building their own free energy sources.